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A Calling of Skilled Delegates

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First and foremost, General Conference 2015 is a gift from God and praise to God. It is all about focusing on God, not on our personal desires for the church. Where does God want His people to go? What vision can we cast for the future mission of our church? How can we best put our people to work for His purpose? How do we manage the denomination and its resources to the best of our ability?

While our bishops have the responsibility of guiding us into prayer, worship, vision casting and inspired service, there is also a great need to ensure that the business and structure of the church are aligned with what God is calling us to do. Here is where our delegates to GC15 have a responsibility to read, study, discuss and act on behalf of the church.

Christians who have the gift of administration are well-suited to represent the church at this gathering of leaders every four years. In between, the Free Methodist Church – USA Board of Administration is tasked with carrying out the responsibilities assigned to it by the general conference.

Choosing wise and gifted delegates is a call that God has given to every church in the FMCUSA. These people will have the responsibility of prayerfully choosing our bishops as well as the Board of Administration that will serve the church through to our next general conference in 2019. They will also have to come to agreement on key issues facing the church over the next four years.

Delegates need to have a broad understanding of the church throughout the United States and the world. They also need to have the wisdom to see who are the best seasoned leaders — as well as the best future leaders — for where God is calling us as a people to go and serve.

Hal Conklin is the chairman of the FMCUSA Board of Administration.

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