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Become Someone You Never Knew You Could Be and Do It All With Purpose

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llm-oct14_SAU-picBecause a title may define your job, but a purpose gives it meaning. Let’s just get it right out in the open — we don’t graduate clock punchers. No matter where you see yourself — in a laboratory or a boardroom, behind a pulpit or in front of kindergartners — there’s a big difference between making a buck and making an impact.

A big part of living on purpose stems from knowing, understanding and embracing one’s God-given purpose. We’re experts at preparing people like you for a life of purpose. For the last 140 years, we’ve refined a process that will challenge you and, in the end, change you. Because that’s what purpose does — it changes ideas into actions, passion into pursuit, and, ultimately, it can change the world in which we live.

llm-oct14_SAUFrom the moment you step on campus, you’ll experience things that will change you. From classroom debates that will hurt your brain and tug at your heart, to epic adventures, our university is full of students who are intent on making their four years here legendary, so they are ready to make a difference in the world after they graduate.

So, if you’re ready to live on purpose, we think you’ll fit right in at Spring Arbor University.

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