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Committed to Character, Connecting to Christ

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llm-oct14_CCC-picThe body of Christ is a thriving, moving, living being. It is constantly growing and waning, breathing and dying. What makes a body is the connection of its parts. If the foot becomes detached, it ceases to be a useful part of the body. It is the same for us; a person must stay connected to be part of the body of Christ. What is the best way to stay connected? Interdependence with those other vital parts of the body.

This year’s theme at Central Christian College is Connect. We want students to focus on connecting with each other, to churches in the area, and to Christ. Interdependence with others is the best way to maintain a full-bodied life within the church. Whether it’s over a cup of coffee, at a concert or in a class, staying connected with people is the best way to grow the body of Christ.

llm-oct14_CCCAt Central Christian College of Kansas, we strive to have students connect with each other, with the community and with Christ. We gather twice a week in chapel services so students can worship together and hear the Word of God. We encourage students to find a church in the area to get involved with; from missions trips to worship services, we want students who are thriving in the local community. We also encourage students to live lives of interdependence, relying on each other for support and encouragement. That may be a shoulder to cry on, a ride to the airport, or a quick trip to Wal-Mart. We want students who love and care and live life together.

Central Christian College of Kansas is a place where the body of Christ is thriving. With this need for connectedness and this push for interdependent living, we at CCC are seeking to live out the calling of Christ for His bride. With our dedicated faculty and staff leading the way, we are helping to train up the next generation for life and service in the body of Christ. Allow the body to live, move, grow and thrive through you by your connected interdependence with others.

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