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GC 15 Photo Contest

Light + Life Communications is inviting you to join our Photo Scavenger Hunt!

It is really simple:

A Photo Scavenger Hunt is involved you finding interesting things and capturing them using a camera, then posting it online using a #Hashtag.If you would like help using a #Hashtag, please come to the Hibiscus room at the convention center.

  • Materials Required: At least one camera (digital or smartphone camera is fine) per person.
  • Internet Access: You must upload the pictures using #FMCgc15

How Do You Play Photo Scavenger Hunt?


You will be identifying several interesting items, people, places and events that players will photograph.  These could be interesting situations, notable people, unique things in the hotel, hard to find places, food items, specific kinds of clothing, or an activity.

Some possibilities include:

  1. A girl in an orange hat
  2. Trendy glasses
  3. A former Bishop or Superintendent
  4. A group photo of a human pyramid
  5. An item purchased for SEED, Heavenly Treasures or other artisan merchants
  6. A man with a white, or red beard
  7. A person more than 5, 6, or 7 feet tall
  8. An event taken place
  9. Pictures of people in worship
  10. Selfies with key leaders, lots of them!

The sillier, the better.

Playing the Photo Scavenger Hunt

This page will host the daily items to photograph post.

  1. The permissions on your page will need to make it so your posts are visible without being Facebook friends.
  2. You will find the daily list of items on the bottom of this page. Please, post using the hashtag #FMCgc15.
  3. Feel free to post several pictures, this is a contest in which no entries are limited. More you post, higher chance to win!
  4. Have fun! Post frequently!

The prizes for the winners include:

1st Prize: iPad Mini

2nd Prize: Go Pro Camera

3rd Prize: iPod Touch

Daily Mini Prize: iPod Shuffle

These pictures will be used to help our friends who were not able to make it to Orlando see what happened!

Light + Life Communications will be selecting a winner and presenting the prizes!