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Give Your Heart

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llm-dec14_discipleshipWhen you think of Christmas, the first thought that comes to mind may be giving. What could possibly be better than giving gifts at Christmas? A great feeling comes from giving a gift that shows a lot of thought and intentionality, a gift that shows you really know the recipient and what makes him or her special.

Think back on some of the best gifts you ever received at Christmas. I would venture to guess that many of these gifts weren’t incredibly expensive or elaborate, but they had real meaning. They were gifts that demonstrated the giver knew you well and loved you.

This Christmas, do not feel like you need to give elaborate or expensive gifts. Simply giving what you have is the best gift. Give the people you love your best hours of the day (and plenty of them), your undivided attention, and your unconditional love. These gifts don’t cost you a cent, but they have incredible impact.

While we are in the giving spirit, consider what kind of gift you can possibly give the Lord of the universe this Christmas. I am sure baby Jesus appreciated the gold, frankincense and myrrh He received from the wise men. But the people who know Jesus today know those aren’t the kinds of things He really wants. He’s not impressed with expensive gifts and trendy brand names. The things on Jesus’ Christmas list this year are things we already have. Jesus wants us to give Him our hearts and our love. Those gifts show thought, intentionality and how well we know Him.

Chris DeBacker of Spring Arbor, Michigan, is a regional vice president of the Free Methodist Foundation.


[1] What can we give freely to people we love?

[2] Have you ever given or received a gift that was filled with a lot of thought and intentionality?

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