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Has Life Got You Spinning?

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llm-mar15_discipleshipMy wife and I recently visited our son and his family. One morning, my son entertained our 18-month-old grandson, Jack, by spinning several wooden rings on the floor at once. When all the rings were spinning, Jack was truly mesmerized.

My son eventually became weary of the activity and quit. Jack expressed his obvious displeasure, so my son began spinning again.

I was reminded that we have a lot of plates spinning in our lives, and we have to keep all of them spinning all of the time. Our culture tells us we need to put in endless hours to be a success. Smartphones keep us connected at all times. Our culture teaches that our kids need stimulation from every activity possible.

We devote little time to think, stop or rest. We are considered lazy and worthless if we don’t keep all of our plates spinning.

God’s Word seems to go against culturally expected behaviors. It talks about Sabbath rest. It challenges perspectives of success and suggests a simple, contented existence as the ideal place for peace and happiness to thrive.

Because my son had gotten several rings spinning at once, he had to keep them all in motion and was frenzied to do so. Jack would have probably been fine with one spinning ring. A healthy boundary of one — rather than six — would have alleviated a lot of stress.

Many people don’t know what a healthy boundary is or how to set one. If our culture says we should have particular plates spinning, we start spinning them.

If we are grounded in our relationship with God and discerningly knowledgeable of His Word, we should have the ability to know which plates to spin and which to stop.

Chris Schimel is the pastor of Harvest Chapel West in Brocton, New York. 


[1] What plates are spinning in your life?

[2] Which plates could or should you stop?

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