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How Football and God Taught Me Patience

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“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth” (Matthew 5:5).

Ever had to wait your turn for something in life? Either you had to wait your turn in order to play in a game or wait in line for some new shoes. We all have to wait on something. You can’t become impatient and rush things. I know it’s hard trying to wait your turn. But we all must learn patience.

When I was in high school playing football, I had to wait for my turn to have a starting position throughout my three years of playing. Of course, there were upperclassmen who were there before me, and they were well-experienced and were veterans to the game. I was only a freshman. I thought I was going to become a four-year starter and become an all-star on the team. Well, reality hit me. I realized that there were people better and bigger than I was. I knew that by the end of my freshman year, I would have to put in work during the off-season.

Now we’re going to skip to sophomore year. I was competing for a starting spot between one of the best corners on the team and another senior. I didn’t get the starting spot. I was a backup for both of them. As soon as I was about to get my turn, another upperclassman came out of nowhere and knocked me down to third-string. I was a little mad, and it made me want to quit football for good.

Then throughout my junior and senior year, I worked on my skill and worked on my patience as well. I was being held back, but I had to have faith in God and ask Him to give me patience and know that I will get my turn.

I got that turn. I won the starting position my senior year. By the end of my senior year, I made All Conference Honorable Mention. I also had colleges looking at me, and now I’m playing football at Greenville University. As I look back, I realize how blessed I am to be playing at the next level.

God tells us to be patient. We must work on our patience and stay humble. God wants us to work on ourselves and to learn patience. Sometimes we must ask God to give us the will to be patient and to keep working. If we continue to be patient and to keep working, then we’ll be able to have our turn.

Joshua Robinson is a student at Greenville University where he plays football and writes for the Papyrus news website.