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L+L November 2015: Homosexuality and the Church

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Sexuality and Scripture

I grew up with Christian media that sometimes focused more on stopping a “gay agenda” than demonstrating God’s love, but homosexuality seemed at the time like a rare and distant phenomenon. Until my sophomore year of college, I didn’t know one person who publicly identified as gay or lesbian.

Then, as an intern reporter, I was assigned to interview participants in a gay rights rally. I later worked for a media company that sponsored the Gay Games. My newspaper co-workers included people in same-sex romantic relationships.

Social media helped me reconnect with friends from my younger days at Christian schools and church camps, and I learned quite a few now identify as gay or lesbian.

Many Christians wrestle with sexuality and gender identity. Perhaps you have a family member or close friend who is in a same-sex relationship, or you may be struggling to reconcile your own same-sex attraction with your commitment to Christ and your belief in the Bible as the inspired, infallible Word of God.

This issue of Light + Life draws upon the research and writings of the Study Commission on Doctrine. Because of space constraints, we can’t print much of the commission’s extensive discussion of sexuality, but please go online to to read more.

These pages also include an article by Alma Thompson, who extended God’s love to the members of the Pride Alliance group on her local university campus. How can Light + Life emphasize both biblical truth and unconditional love?

This approach is consistent with the action of General Conference 2015 delegates who affirmed the Free Methodist Church’s commitment to base our understanding of marriage and sexuality on Scripture — not the state or society — while extending the grace and love of Jesus and welcoming all who desire to worship.

Downloadable PDF: Light + Life November 2015

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