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LLM: August 2014

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A few years ago, I took a group of Free Methodist teens to hear several Christian music artists perform. The event heavily promoted a child-sponsorship organization that offered to change a child’s life for $38 a month. The teens were moved by the videos and musicians’ endorsements, and at least one teen rushed to pick up a sponsorship card with a child’s photo. Other teens suggested our youth group sponsor a child. I explained that our small congregation already sponsored a child through our denomination’s International Child Care Ministries, which feeds and educates children around the world at a lower monthly fee ($30 a month). By sponsoring a child through ICCM, they could know the money was supporting people with our shared beliefs. My advice, however, seemed less convincing than the musicians’ pitch. On social media, I often see Free Methodists raising money for parachurch groups working around the world and wonder if they are aware of FM partners who do the same type of work in the same places without big overhead costs and advertising budgets. Go to and to learn about ministries and partners that provide clean water, plant trees and change lives globally. Don’t let these groups be our best-kept secrets.


Jeff Finley, Managing Editor

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