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LLM: December 2014

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llm-dec14_covShopping and Giving

The average U.S. household is projected to spend $684 for Christmas gifts this year, according to a survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers ( That’s $51 less than the household average for Christmas gifts last year, but it adds up to a lot of money for gifts that may quickly be relegated to closets or basements. Christmas promotions began in September or October for 53 percent of retailers (

The Christmas season is a good time to consider how we’re spending our money, time and resources throughout the year. Are we giving gifts that matter?

For this issue, the Light & Life team requested articles from representatives of the Free Methodist Foundation ( They generously waived their author payments while offering their expertise about effective stewardship. Don’t expect boring articles on financial philosophy. Starting on the next page, you’ll find a touching story that uses fiction to convey the truth of God’s life-changing gift to us via a Bethlehem stable.

By the way, if you’re still doing your Christmas shopping, I hope you read our November issue highlighting the Christmas catalog produced by International Child Care Ministries and SEED. The catalog offers high-impact gifts that benefit Christians around the world. Go to to shop, give and get more information.


Jeff Finley, Managing Editor

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