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LLM: May 2014

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llm-may14_coverAddiction and Consumption

The Free Methodist Church’s “2011 Book of Discipline” contains a section on the “Misuse of Substances.”

I can read the section comfortably while it covers alcohol, tobacco and “illicit drugs” — all of which I avoid. Then a couple of sentences hit me in the gut: “Likewise, we believe that the intemperate consumption of food is a form of abusing the body which may result in illness and obesity. We eat healthily so as to preserve the strength of our bodies and so extend our years of usefulness as servants of Christ.”

Uh-oh. As a daily consumer of high-calorie food and beverages, am I in danger of being kicked out of the FMC? After all, it’s called the “Book of Discipline.”

Thankfully, the section acknowledges “the difficulties of overcoming the bondage of addictions” and the “desire to give whatever help and support are needed while fellow Christians seek full deliverance.”

People can form addictions to substances such as food, which is essential (although not necessarily in the forms I consume), and pornography, which should be avoided completely. A seemingly harmless activity, such as buying a lottery ticket or playing video poker, can develop into a costly gambling addiction.

Whatever your addiction might be, keep reading for hope and help in overcoming it.

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