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LLM: October 2014

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llm-oct14_covView From the Middle (Age)

I think of myself as young, but society (and my younger co-workers) might not agree.

After all, I’ve never used Netflix, and I own two VCRs. The music of my youth is now on the oldies station, and if I can’t find a song there, I can turn to my cassette collection. When I mention a TV show like “The Jeffersons,” I get blank looks. I’ll never land on Christianity Today’s “33 Under 33,” but in just 10 years I can join AARP.

When I walk into some churches, however, I’m still one of the younger people in the room. Where are the Millennials? According to Barna Group researchers, only 20 percent of adults age 30 and younger consider church attendance important (

What can be done to reverse this trend while respecting people of all ages? I’m probably not the right person to answer that question — no matter how many issues of Relevant Magazine I read or how many hashtags I put on my tweets.

Thankfully, these pages contain the perspectives of several young adults who have much to say about how churches can reach and serve Millennials and the rest of us too.


Jeff Finley, Managing Editor

Downloadable PDF: LLM September 2014

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