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LLM: September 2014

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llm-sep14_coverLet’s Meet at GC15

Other than a one-day visit in the 1990s to see relatives, I had never attended a general conference until 2011 despite being a Free Methodist for most of my life. I assumed general conference mainly consisted of boring business meetings.

As a new denominational employee, I expected to be busy during General Conference 2011, but I didn’t expect to have my perspective changed. I was moved by the worship. The speakers challenged me to think and act beyond my comfort zone. I met people from other countries, and one man shared how terrorists had targeted him because of his faith. Even the business meetings were fascinating. During those meetings, I learned of Free Methodists who are making profound differences in their communities.

I returned home with a new outlook. I began to weigh local church board discussions in light of the priorities and strategies discussed at general conference. I wished I had not been the only person from my congregation to experience this life-altering event.

General Conference 2015 is expected to draw even more Free Methodists from around the world than GC11 did, including at least one Free Methodist from each congregation in the United States. Keep reading and go to for more details.


Jeff Finley, Managing Editor

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