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October Illuminate

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End-Times Education:

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Summary: Light + Life Executive Editor Jeff Finley introduces this issue with the #MyBibleJourney theme of the “Day of the Lord” and the related emphasis on “Oil in my Lamp” along with the annual Higher Education Guide.

  1. Have you been exposed to Christian books or movies that seem like they are designed to scare you into heaven?

2. Are you surprised the Free Methodist Articles of Religion are not as detailed about the end times as similar documents from some other churches?

3. Why do you think early Free Methodists placed such importance on Christian education, and should we continue that emphasis today?

Further reading: 1 Thessalonians 5:2

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Settling Accounts :

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Summary: Matthew Thomas writes his final article for the Bishops section before retiring Oct. 1 from his role as the lead bishop of the Free Methodist Church – USA.

  1. Do you view the day of the Lord as good news or bad news?

2. Why do you think God allows “seemingly endless bad news” to happen in our world?

3. Do you think the day of the Lord will happen soon or in the distant future?

Further reading:  Isaiah 13, Ezekiel 30, Habakkuk 1–3

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The Day of the Lord :

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Summary:  Azusa Pacific University alumnus Timothy Dwyer, a professor of Bible and ministry at Warner University who previously served as a professor of Christian Scriptures at Roberts Wesleyan College, discusses the day of the Lord, which will be the subject of his forthcoming LIGHT + LIFE Publishing book.

  1. Have you read “The Lord of the Rings” or watched the movies? Were you surprised by Dwyer’s references to J.R.R. Tolkien’s writings here?

2. Do you view the day of the Lord as a day of terror or comfort?

3.  Who is the “man of lawlessness” in 2 Thessalonians 2:3?

4. What does Dwyer mean when he writes that God will reclaim the universe?

Further reading: Zephaniah 1–3, 2 Peter 3, Revelation (the whole book)

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While You’re Waiting:


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National Prayer Ministry Co-Director Doug Newton, this magazine’s former senior editor, returns to provide a fresh perspective on the Parable of the Ten Virgins.

  1. How did this article help you read the parable with fresh eyes?

2.  Do you often consider a chapter of the Bible in connection with surrounding chapters, or do you look at chapters independentlyH?

3. How can modern Christians improve at “keeping the oil of mercy and grace flowing in these days of the Lost”?

Further reading: Matthew 25:1-13

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Preaching and Teaching on the Second Coming

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Summary: Pastors discuss what they share about preparing for Christ’s return

  1. Did you gain any new insights from the pastors’ perspectives?

2. Did you disagree with any of the pastors’ comments?

3.  How does your pastor preach about Christ’s Second Coming?

Further reading: Matthew 24, Luke 12
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