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On Holy Ground

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When just a young girl, my little body was broken, twisted, torn and near death from being traumatized in a terrible accident. God arose as my Deliver with healing in His Wings to restore my life, and now I am called to speak healing, restoration and life to other people.

When I grew up struggling in confusion, lost in fear and aching in turmoil because of violent alcoholism in my home, He was my Heavenly Father, who set my feet upon the Solid Rock. Now I am broken with awe by His unfailing and everlasting love.

When I groveled on the ground in sin — gripped in the bondage of being an alcoholic and an empty shell of a drug addict — the precious Holy Spirit was my healer, hope and song. Now my hunger and thirst are only for more of Him.

When I foolishly played with demonic powers by practicing witchcraft and being deeply involved in the dangerous evils of the occult, Jesus was the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). Now I humbly live in His finished work to arise triumphant over the entire kingdom of darkness.

When my body was ravaged and raped, He was my healing Balm of Gilead (Genesis 37:25, Jeremiah 8:22 and 46:11) who bound up and cleansed the infected wounds of my shattered, crushed and fragmented soul with His “fresh oil” anointing (Psalm 92:10 KJV). Now I rest in Him as He completes me with His pure joy, fragrant holiness and perfect peace.

When I prostituted my femininity to the core with a hardened, cold indifference, I gave my body and sold my soul to any who would have me. My Redeemer restored my virginity and sanctified my heart with the price of His own blood. Now I am His beauty — the daughter of a King.

When I experienced the tragedy of abortion —  choosing the death sentence for the innocent babes whose hearts thrived within my womb — the Lord was my sweet forgiveness. As I grieved in deep repentance, He showed me that each precious one was held safe in His bosom, that each one had forgiven me, and that I would know their faces when I entered the gates of heaven. Now I know their names: Rachel Rose, Crystal Grace, Samuel Abraham and Anna Joy.

When I was under a desperate depression and saw dying as my only answer because I could no longer endure the agony of living, the very breath of God infused my entire being with His eternal life. Now I am birthed anew in His light and brilliant with His glory.

When the man I loved told me that I was ugly, he never loved me, and no one would ever want me, my Lord of all creation showed me that I was the apple of His eye, His cherished beloved made in His image. I was overshadowed by His holy presence and fell prostrate on my face at His altar. Now my whole being passionately belongs to Him.

When the man betrayed me in the arms of another woman and I was left sobbing on the floor all alone, my Bridegroom engraved me in the palm of His hand, gave me a new name, and entered right into the core depths of my wounded soul with the power of His love to whisper that I was an integral part of the sanctified church — His radiant bride. Now He is my true first love.

When as an overwhelmed single mother, I went without and struggled in hardship and poverty to raise my two sons up to be godly men, my Lord said He was “a defender of widows” and “a father to the fatherless” (Psalm 68:5). Now we are secured in our Abba Daddy’s strong arms.

When I suffered with bulimia — trying to silence the voice of weeping pain in my hollowed-out soul by stuffing the empty hole with food — my Bread of Life taught me to eat free from His tree of life. Now I sit at His banquet table to feast on His Word, bannered over by love (Song of Songs 2:4).

When my heart was stricken with intense grief, and I wailed in sorrowful lament because both of my parents had died, the “One who ransoms” adopted me. Now He has turned my mourning into dancing with Him — clothed in the fullness of His joy (Psalm 30:11).

When I hit bottom as I walked out the door of my foreclosed home of 21 years, He was my Jehovah-Jireh, my Provider (Genesis 22:14), and now my Glory and the lifter of my head (Psalm 3:3) prepares a place for me with a future and a hope.

When I was despondent in the pit of deep despair with my life almost destroyed by the enemy because of total financial disaster, my Teacher taught me how to trust and obey His wisdom principles. Now I find life abundant at His feet in praise, adoration and worship.

When I lost everything (all of my dignity, hope, strength, friends and dreams) and felt naked by shame with a slandered name and a ruined reputation, I fell down anguished into the darkest night of my soul to be crucified with Him on that cruel cross of death. He showed me how to count all things lost for the intimacy of knowing Him, so that I would be set free indeed.

Now I know that I am His, and He is mine, and Jesus is my Jubilee. His amazing grace poured rivers of living water in me, so that I would overflow with the healing glory of His presence. This made every single thing that has happened worth going through, and now I am standing on holy ground.

Patricia Ann Tefft is the lead pastor of the Millbrook House of Prayer Free Methodist Church in Millbrook, Michigan, and the leader of the North Michigan Conference Prayer Network. She is a fifth-generation Free Methodist, and her great-grandmother, the Rev. Coda Mae Butler, served as lead pastor at Millbrook in 1922-23.




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