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Defining Author-ity

READ Scripture: ACTS 16:16-40



  1. What is a situation that is coming up where you will be placed under pressure as a student, family member, leader, influencer, or Christ-follower?
  2. Why is this situation important to you? What made you think of this specific instance coming up?
  3. Who will be involved? What is your given role (in this situation)? What are the other roles involved?


  1. Identify the potential outcomes from the situation/scenario.
  2. Identify an outcome that is glorifying to God and how you can position yourself closest to it. If there is not [a foreseeable outcome] that will being glory to God, how will you create one?
  3. Prepare your head, heart, and hands to be a vessel carrying out this glorifying outcome by:
    • Pray and connect with God about who he wants you to be in this space.
    • Identifying the attitude, behaviors, and feelings that will lead you to be the author of this outcome and who God want to be in this situation.
    • Create measurable goals that will help you evaluate how you’re doing in the situation.
    • Establish a core group of individuals that will encourage you, pray for you, and hold you accountable to who God has asked you to be.
  4. After the high pressure situation occurs, connect with individuals that also experienced this situation to get some feedback about how you showed up and how they think it went.
  5. Document their feedback and your own experience to use for future high pressure situations.


  • God created you in His likeness. The original author created you to be an author.
  • There is only two ways for things to go: Towards God (and His glory) or away from God.
  • The micro-decisions you make will lead you to macro-outcomes in the end.
  • Leading a life of Spritual [Holy] authority means your are required to be the author, inspired by God.