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Supporting Music and Missions

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God loves music.

And so does Ken Milks.

Ken Milks fell in love with music early on in his life. Coming from a family of Free Methodist pastors and lay members, Ken grew up loving the Lord and also loving music — especially praise and worship. Ken loved it so much he dedicated his professional life to supplying musicians, church choirs and the like with high-end equipment so that they could lift their voices high. Nothing makes Ken happier than when he gets to record choirs. He said that nothing is more beautiful than a chorus of voices praising the Lord.

During a church service, Ken heard a service at church and asked the Lord what his mission was to be on earth, and he sensed the Lord telling him to use his talents and skills to give back to His kingdom and His church. Now approaching 77 years old, many of Ken’s friends and colleagues are enjoying their retirement.

Ken is too. He loves being retired. He just is not retired the way most of us hope to retire — playing copious amounts of golf and having time to pick up and master any hobby that we ever hoped to start. Instead, Ken wanted his retirement, like every part of his life, to be dedicated to serving the Lord. He immediately began thinking of different ways to fulfill his calling. He looked at his life and asked what he could do. It was then that the Lord opened several doors.

Ken had been selling and installing audio equipment and a variety of office equipment for most of his professional career. Business had been steady, but Ken sensed a stirring in his heart to change his business from the inside out. Ken started to notice that he had the opportunity to sell high-end equipment without overcharging his customers.

Meanwhile, Ken’s son, Larry, is serving in Budapest, Hungary, with SHARE. As Ken spoke to his son, he began to see the pieces of the puzzle come together. His son and his mission needed funding; Ken had a calling to use his small business for the betterment of God’s kingdom, and he needed the opportunity to utilize his new discounted prices. If he could find a way to take his business and use its small profits to fund his son, then he could fulfill his mission and further the kingdom, and he and his wife could do this by living off his retirement. Like most of God’s calls, Ken had to consider the major lifestyle change.


Ken and Brenda Milks and their grandchildren

How would he be able to support himself and his wife with his retirement alone? Would the income he gets from his business be enough to truly support missions? And again, like any call from God, Ken took his leap of faith to revamp his business and offer discounted rates for all the churches near his hometown of Clio, Michigan, and those across his home state. With his proceeds going back to missions, he could be their fundraising in the United States while they did their ministry across the world.

Since then, Ken has enjoyed more success than his humility will allow him to admit. I had to call and suggest him to interview with me for this article. It was challenging as an interviewer because he would constantly stop listing the information I asked him, and he would say one phrase that has stood out to me every day since: “If we are going to do this [interview], then the glory has to go to God, not Ken Milks.” Well, Ken, I am doing my best.

God has opened a door for Ken to service the church; when the Free Methodist World Ministries Center got wind of what he was doing, the desire to help him out grew stronger and stronger. He needed to get his message out. The church needs him to help congregations save costs and get their equipment. Missionaries need him to support their mission so that they can fulfill theirs. Light + Life needs to tell his story, because it is our mission to further support the local church and Free Methodists out there working to fulfill the mission of God.

To any and all churches out there, if you need help with equipment or installation, call my friend Ken. Over the course of our conversations, Ken told me his story and I caught a glimpse of the vision God gave him for his life and his mission. It is my hope that any Free Methodists who read this story do one of two things:

  1. Follow the example Ken has provided, look at what God has given you, and ask what you can do for His kingdom. Ken took a skill of audio equipment installation and management and turned it into a viable ministry that gives globally.
  2. Support Ken in any way possible. If you, your business, or your church needs equipment, contact Ken at or 810-686-0299. Supporting him supports missions and the church.
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