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The Board of Bishops Responds to UM Affiliations

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Grace Fellowship United Methodist Church of Katy, Texas, has voted to leave the UMC and begin a process of affiliating with the Free Methodist Church – USA. If the Texas Conference approves their request to part ways, they could officially join the FMCUSA as early as August of next year. Bishop Keith Cowart, who has been working closely with Grace Fellowship through this transition, commented on the development:

“While we certainly grieve every fracturing of the body of Christ, we recognize that there are legitimate reasons for breaking fellowship when the issues strike at the heart of who we are as God’s people. Our own history is testimony to that fact. For some of our friends in the United Methodist Church that moment has arrived for them, too. These are brothers and sisters who believe, as do we, that Christians can and must radically love all people, and at the same time, hold unwaveringly to the authority of God’s Word over our lives. While we welcome conversation with UM congregations and pastors who are interested in exploring a possible connection with the FMC, we are committed to a process of affiliation that will allow us to assure a good fit, both doctrinally and culturally.”

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