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Whole Church – Live Like That

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We Are Whole Church from Light & Life Communications on Vimeo.

GC15 Opening Video – Live Like That

by David Roller

We live like that!

Like Jesus’ disciples,

Yes, persecuted and martyred, But…

… Jesus had broken death, 

Nothing left to fear!

Today Free Methodists suffer for their faith and are martyred.

And just like Jesus’ disciples who planted churches around the world…

from Argentina to Zimbabwe, from Miami to Seattle,

Free Methodists go to the whole world, telling the whole story – death has been broken; for everyone…everywhere.

We are “whole church.”

We live like that!

Like the reformers:

Reforming Christians started hospitals,

Reforming Christians cared for the poor,

Reforming Christians outlawed slavery,

Reforming Christians started schools,

And like those reformers, Free Methodists care for the poor, protect the immigrant, fight against slavery, teach the vulnerable, and heal their bodies.

We are, “whole church.”

We live like that!

Like first Free Methodists “Freed and Freeing”.

No one a slave

No special treatment for the rich

No barriers to women, minorities and the laity

No loyalty above Jesus

No dead religion, Everyone alive to the Spirit

We are, “whole church.”

We live like that!

Today, we respond again.

Today, we speak, now for our generation.

Today we stand and affirm…

We… will… live like that.

Love bursting out three-ways:

Our love soaring upward  – Love God

Our love overflowing outward – Love People

Our love discipling inward – Make Disciples

Our cities and neighborhoods are desperate for a people willing,

to live like that,

Nations, immigrants, the outcast, the downhearted, the rejected, the ignored are longing for a people willing,

to live like that.

Our own children, our own young people are watching to see if we’re a people willing,

to live like that.

Creation itself cries out for a people willing,

to live like that.

We Free Methodists are that people.

And together with Christians everywhere…

We promise to be Whole Church.

A people…bringing wholeness to the world

Through healthy biblical communities

of holy people multiplying disciples, leaders, groups and churches.

We Live Like That.

Welcome my friends, Welcome to Whole Church!

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