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Why Did My Small Group Fail?

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llm-apr14_worldI told my small group that this was the last night I’d join them. I had dreamed about the group members sharing the gospel with their friends and then starting daughter groups. After 11 months without any daughter groups starting, I had to admit that the group had failed to meet its goal. But why?

As I prayed and fasted over these 11 months, I really believed that Father would do something. He is faithful to His promises, and I had faith in those promises, so there must be other reasons that the group didn’t meet my goals.

Was the education level of group members too low? After all, some weren’t even able to read. No, Father can use anyone who has a willing heart to obey.

Were my lessons too complicated? Did I not keep the members accountable about their sharing of the gospel? Did my members really know how to share the gospel? Were my members not obedient to the call? Was it the right time for a small group movement? Does this model really work? Is it unrealistic to ask young believers to start their own groups?

I’m not quite ready to give up yet. I’d like to try again with another group and see what Father does. I’ll share the vision with a different factory manager and see if he wants to give me another small group so I can try again.

Perhaps I didn’t fail, at least not completely. Some members shared the good news, and a couple of people believed. Even if only one person believed, that made the effort a resounding and eternal success! The group will also keep going, with different members providing leadership.

I still believe in the model and in Father’s promises. We’ll see what happens next time.

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